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Positive Second-Quarter Results

When COVID-19 first hit, and the nation shut down, it began a nightmare for the U.S. economy. And without question, the damage will take a long time to fix.

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Where to From Here?

With the passage in the House of Representatives of the Moving Forward Act – a $1.5 trillion plan to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure – House Democrats have done something other than just offer platitudes about the need to repair our roads and bridges. They brought a bill to the floor and voted.

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A New Partnership with World of Concrete

It has been a crazy couple of months. The majority of the country has spent its time sheltering in place and flattening the curve and for the most part that has worked. However, at this writing there have been 100,000 deaths from COVID-19, and that solemn fact needs to be noted.

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Financing the Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has dominated the news cycle for several months now and that news cycle shows no signs of abating. There is nothing we can talk about regarding our present situation that has not been covered ad nauseum.

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