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2020 Marks 25

The aggregates industry is a great place to spend a career. I should know, I have left and returned several times.

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The Big News

Mergers and acquisitions are a business reality in a free market. They even happen in the publishing industry. So I have some big news to report to you.

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It’s Concrete, Not Cement

I get tired of having to make this correction, but it sticks in my craw. It’s concrete, not cement.

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And in That State Up North . . .

I am an Ohio State Buckeyes fan, which perhaps unfairly jades my opinion of that state up north, but I think Michigan stone producers will agree that I am spot on when I say: the Michigan Office of the Auditor General is full of crap.

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Gas Tax Increases at State Level

While Congress and the president spin their wheels about infrastructure spending, the states are not waiting for them. Is this by design? Here is an update:

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