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Brisson Stone Project Under Review

The Monkton, Vt., Development Review Board is nearing a decision on whether to permit a contentious application for a 30-plus acre quarry off of Monkton Road, according to the Addison County Independent. According to the application filed by Brisson Stone LLC and David Shlansky’s Burchfield Management Company LLC, “Brisson Stone will rely on drilling and blasting rock ledge to produce unconsolidated rock and gravel that will be collected on-site.”

Burchfield Management filed the application, and the two enterprises are working together on this project. After Monkton Zoning Administrator Ken Wheeling – who is also zoning administrator for the towns of Ferrisburgh and Waltham – in late January shot down the quarry application, Burchfield appealed the decision. Burchfield submitted the quarry application on Jan. 16, 2012 – before new zoning ordinances took effect on Feb. 23. Under Section 460 of the new zoning ordinances, “Commercial mining or extraction operations are prohibited” everywhere in Monkton.