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Defining Reputation

Thomas J. RoachEveryone Knows That Reputation Is Important, But Can You Define It?

By Thomas J. Roach

Reputation is the accumulation of stories and images of a person or an organization. Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez benefited from news stories praising them for their accomplishments in sports. When they were accused of doping, they denied the charges and many people believed them.

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Communication in 2014

Reconsidering The Brave New World That Will Bring Unimaginable Changes To Our Lives.

By Thomas J. Roach

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How to Manage a Meeting

By Thomas J. Roach

Decisions Made By Groups Tend To Be Better Than Decisions Made By Individuals.

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The Art of the Apology

By Thomas J. Roach

When An Attack Comes You Can Admit Guilt, Deny The Charge, Ignore The Charge, Or Change The Subject.

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