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What Kind Of Role Model Are You?

You Cannot Expect Your Employees To Do Things That You Are Not Doing Yourself.

By Steve Schumacher

Over the years, one of the consistent things that I have found with managers and leaders is that they cannot be objective about their own behavior. I do not think, as humans, any of us truly can. That is where getting objective, non-judgmental feedback about your behavior as a manager is crucial.

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Frankly Speaking

I have been covering the aggregates industry for the better part of the past 25 years, and over the lion’s share of that time period, there has always been one thing you could totally count on: Frank Cargould.

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Pass the UPDATE Act

In just a few short months, the Highway Trust Fund will go broke. No one likes to hear the words “raise taxes,” but in some cases, tax increases are not only warranted but essential to our industry and the national economy.

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Off-Highway Diesel Prices

The national estimated average price-per-gallon for off-highway diesel fuel as of Dec. 30 is $3.658. That is higher than the previous comparison price-per-gallon of $3.611.

Time to Buy

Welcome to Rock Products’ North American Buyers’ Guide and Directory issue. There are signs that 2014 will certainly be a year for buying.

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