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Off-Highway Diesel Prices

The national estimated average price-per-gallon for off-highway diesel fuel as of July 31 is $3.647. That is higher than the previous comparison price-per-gallon of $3.603.

Way to Goat!

By Mark S. Kuhar

On April 22, Graniterock welcomed a herd of goats and their kids along with the guard dog “Baby” and her puppies “in training” at the Santa Cruz Sand Plant. The goats are being used as part of a holistic management plan to decrease the amount of non-native grasses in the area and encourage growth of natives, according to a story on the company’s blog.

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When is an Emergency Emergent?

A Recent Decision May Have ‘Significantly And Substantially’ Changed The Way In Which We Evaluate Penalties Associated With MSHA Citations.

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Kansas Quarry will not Face Restrictions

Residents who live near the Hamm Buchheim Quarry in western Douglas County, Kan., walked away frustrated after county commissioners declined to put any new restrictions on how the quarry operates, according to the Lawrence Journal-World.

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Frac Sand Quarry Under Discussion

The Missouri Department of Resources (DNR) will make decisions about what comes next for Summit Proppants’ applications for a permit under the Land Reclamation Program to build a sand quarry in the western part of Ste. Genevieve County.

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