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Immediate Reporting Only Required if Injury Will Reasonably Likely Cause Death

By Ellen Smith

A company was not required to report an accident to MSHA within 15 minutes where the injury to the miner was not reasonably likely to cause the miner’s death, an ALJ ruled.

Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission ALJ Priscilla M. Rae dismissed a $5,000 citation and alleged violation of the immediate reporting standard §50.2(h) against PCS Phosphate-White Spring’s Swift Mine in Florida.

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MSHA, NSSGA Offer Safety Tools

MSHA along with the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA), announced the release of a comprehensive compilation of education and training tools for the aggregates industry. "Safety Pro in a Box" is an online repository of compliance assistance materials aimed at mine operators new to the industry, especially small mine operators.

“This resource was designed to provide meaningful assistance to new operators who may be unfamiliar with the safety and health requirements that apply to their operations,” said Joseph A. Main, assistant secretary of labor for mine safety and health. “Since small mine operators often don't have safety departments like those at larger operations, this information can provide them with the necessary training tools to ensure compliance with MSHA safety and health standards.

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CEOs Need a SEO Strategy

How Can You Make Sure Your Web Site Gets Its Proper Place In Cyberspace?
By Walt Denny

Approximately 16 billion Internet searches are conducted each month. How can you make sure your web site gets its proper place in the front of the pack? It’s all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Let’s Meet Off-Line

Technology Facilitates But Rarely Improves Communication.

By Thomas J. Roach

Time was when everyone attending a meeting sat in the same room. Then technology made it possible to put people on speakerphones if they were unable to attend in person. Today in many businesses, particularly in corporate offices, most if not all meetings and their participants are on-line.

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MSHA Expands Use of Injunctive Relief

Will Injunctions Become More Commonplace As Enforcement Tools?

By Adele Abrams

Despite press reports in non-mining media to the contrary, the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) has always been a strong agency, with many enforcement weapons in its arsenal. In addition to mandating inspections at least twice a year (surface) and quarterly (underground), the 1977 Mine Act also provided MSHA with warrantless search authority, no statute of limitations on violations, personal prosecutorial power under Section 110, and a strict liability framework for adjudication. None of these powers, by comparison, are possessed by MSHA’s sister agency, OSHA.

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