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Managing Public Opinion

The Best Strategy is Not to Shut It Down, but Keep It Informed.

By Thomas J. Roach

The recent events in Egypt serve to remind us of the power of public opinion. In the aggregate industry public opinion brings to mind people living in close proximity to a quarry who band together to form a Not In My Back Yard group. They make emotional arguments at zoning meetings and perform endlessly for the news media. Like Egypt’s President Mubarak, we sometimes want to control public opinion and become frustrated when we cannot.

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All We Are Saying Is Give Lease a Chance

With the Volatile Economy, Leasing Equipment Can Offer an Interesting Alternative.

By Christina Schave

Prior to the recession, quarry operators may have been hesitant to lease construction equipment. Dealers heard things such as “I’m not interested in a lease” or “I want to own my equipment and use it for years.” While this still holds true for some producers, many are now entertaining leasing as a finance option.

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Finest Hour

By Randy Logsdon

The scene is Mission Control; NASA. The room can be characterized as organized chaos. In a side conversation, two NASA officials (one, the NASA director) are discussing the dim prospects of successful reentry and recovery of the Apollo 13 astronauts. It’s not promising. The scene is from the 1995 movie Apollo 13.

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Impact Inspections

MSHA announced that federal inspectors issued 377 citations and orders during special impact inspections conducted at 15 coal and seven metal/nonmetal mine operations last month. The coal mines were issued 208 citations and seven orders while the metal/nonmetal mines were issued 148 citations and 14 orders.

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Compliance with Air Contaminants Rule Should Start Now

By James Sharpe

Like it or not, aggregate producers should begin preparing now for a new air contaminants enforcement program coming from the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

Concerned about harmful overexposures that could adversely affect the health of metal/non-metal miners, MSHA announced late last year that it would soon begin a push to enforce 56/57.5002. The standard requires operators to conduct dust, gas, mist and fume surveys as often as necessary to determine the adequacy of control measures. MSHA expects operators to pro-actively demonstrate compliance.

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