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The 30-Percent Reduction Charade

NSSGA tells us that the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee may unveil its version of the long-awaited surface transportation reauthorization bill the week of the Fourth of July. While the details of the bill are unknown, insiders have told NSSGA to expect reforms to the program, including: program consolidation, expedited project delivery time, enhanced use of the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act program, increased tolling and more public-private partnerships.

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Off-Highway Diesel Prices

The national estimated average price for off-highway diesel fuel as of July 6 is $3.611. That is lower than last week's average of $3.655

Infrastructure Challenges

America’s infrastructure investment continues to be stifled by pressure to cut federal spending and reduce the deficit. That means cities will have to be more creative and resourceful in securing partnerships to start or continue infrastructure projects, according to a new study, “Infrastructure 2011: A Strategic Priority.” The report, released this month by the Urban Land Institute and Ernst & Young, emphasizes the challenge faced by many urban areas trying to provide adequate transportation and infrastructure services for residents, workers and businesses.

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Becoming a Young Leader

By Josephine Smith

I had the opportunity to attend the recent NSSGA Young Leaders Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The YL meeting is a way for the younger generation (age 40 and below) to develop leadership and management skills, build a national network of industry professionals and to discuss and address industry topics.

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By Randy Logsdon

SLAM RISKS is a tool that MSHA provides as a field-level risk-assessment instrument.

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