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Glass Magnets

Eriez offers Super Strength Rare Earth Sight Glass Magnets as part of its ProGrade line of high quality, low cost standard magnetic separators. Eriez ProGrade Super Strength Rare Earth Permanent Sight Glass Magnets are designed to remove fine and weakly magnetic ferrous contamination from materials flowing to injection machines or extruders. With two magnet diameters, 5⁄8 in. or 1 in. (15.9 mm or 25.4 mm), and four sizes to fit most sight glass loaders, Super Strength Rare Earth Sight Glass Magnets are an economical choice for protection of equipment and products from ferrous metal contamination. They feature continuously welded stainless steel construction and are suitable for temperatures up to 150 F. Eriez offers a full line of ProGrade magnetic assemblies, available in many sizes and strengths to fit customers’ unique application needs, and most are available for immediate shipment.