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Slurry Density Meter

The non-nuclear density meter, Sciam DM3, incorporates continuous bi-directional, in-line density measurement of slurries in pipes up to 40 in. Designed to replace nuclear domain gauges in the dredging industry, DM3 is proven to be safer and more cost effective than hazardous nuclear techniques making it a refreshing, green alternative, notes Sciam Worldwide. The DM3 series measures, transmits and displays wet density, or Specific Gravity (sg) and percent of dry solids of slurries. The mass of the slurry is continuously measured using patented, high resolution density transducer as the slurry passes through an obstruction free flow tube. The flow tube is of optimum length to provide a truly representative continuous sample of the slurry. Outstanding accuracy and repeatable sensing is ensured as the density signal is interrogated 110 times per second with a 45 millisecond response time. Additionally, DM3 boasts vibration and temperature insensitivity and has a low natural frequency to absorb external vibration.

Sciam Worldwide,