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Demolition Hammer

The Hilti TE 500-AVR Demolition Hammer weighs in at only 12.6 lb. with 5.5 ft.-lb. of impact energy but features a step-less hammering regulator that delivers the best possible breaking performance in masonry and concrete, according to the company. The built-in Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) system features a fully decoupled handle, which minimizes vibration and allows for longer periods of continuous use.

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Feeder/Airlock Valves

The BT Series Blow-Through Feeder/Airlock is designed to ensure optimal bulk density and throughput of hard-to-convey materials such as fine powders and flakes that, in high-pressure pneumatic conveying applications, can easily over-aerate and reduce material feed efficiency. The product’s design decreases excess aeration of the material during conveying with an integrated vent port on the return side of the valve housing that automatically vents air leakage.

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The JRB PowerLatch multi-pin-grabber coupler by Paladin, designed by Miller UK Limited, is one of the safest, most advanced multi-pin-grabber couplers available for excavators and loader backhoes. It employs several advanced safety features, including a patented Automatic Blocking System (ABS) that ensures coupler engagement is maintained during hydraulic failure.

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Woven Wire Screen Media

Double-Weave woven wire is constructed of two, side-by-side, lighter-gauge wires to outperform heavy-gauge, single-strand woven wire and perforated punch plate in high-impact applications.

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Demolition Hammer

The new Isogate WS Series valve sleeves incorporate Linatex wear resistant technology and is designed using Weir Minerals’ extensive experience of slurry knife gate valve applications. The WS Series valve with its fully interchangeable, one-piece design with integral load distribution rings eliminates the need for multiple pieces and fasteners to make sleeve replacement much easier.

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