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Double Drop Trailer

The 35-ton SRG Double Drop Trailer from Talbert Manufacturing features innovative aluminum pull-outs, which add a full 2 ft. on each side. The trailer accommodates wider equipment and at lower heights, which makes the trailer ideal for over the road haulers. Consisting of a 48-ft. overall length, the tandem-axle trailer has a 29-ft. deck length with a rated 35-tons distributed, and 30-tons in each 10 ft. of deck length.

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Mid-Belt Sampler

The Mid-Belt RS Sampler, designed to sample up to 4-in. material including coal, limestone, ores and woodchips, features low maintenance and heavy-duty construction. The RS can be installed anywhere on the belt where it can obtain a sample which can be delivered to ground level.

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Designed with a more comfortable cab and Interim Tier 4-certifed (IT4) engines, the customer-inspired hydraulic excavators, 160G LC and 210G LC, build on John Deere’s G-Series class. Each of the excavators feature rugged, field-proven IT4/EU Stage IIIB John Deere PowerTech diesel engines, enabling operators to work anywhere jobs are available, including non-attainment areas.

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Magnetic Separators

Eriez Rare Earth Roll (RE) Separators provide peak separation efficiency and ensure exceptional product purity. These powerful separators are ideal for many industries, including mining, plastics, abrasives, industrial minerals, and more. RE Rolls are constructed with neodymium-boron-iron rare earth permanent magnets, an extremely powerful magnetic material with at least 10 times the attractive force of conventional magnets, notes the company.

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Vibratory Level Control

Bindicator’s newest addition to its product offering, the LP1000/LP2000 Pulse Point Tuning Fork, is an electronic vibratory level control measuring device that is effective in lightweight powders and granular solids. Pulse Point features vibration resistant surface mount components and a large operating temperature range, resulting in a much broader application range.

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