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Wash Plant Solution for Drought-Stricken Areas

Island Sky Corp. announces availability of its complete line of Skywater Atmospheric Water Generators giving businesses, industrial operations and communities the unprecedented ability to achieve greater sustainability and provide a practical solution to emergency water-preparedness planning by producing their own water directly from the air.

“Our product is a go-anywhere, ready-for-use, self-contained water source. You can literally roll this unit into any natural disaster site or remote location where water is needed and make safe water,” said Island Sky President and CEO Richard Groden, who confirmed that the technology could generate water for aggregates plants in drought-stricken areas.

The Skywater systems operate on a patented adiabatic distillation process that draws in the ambient air around us, filters it for dust and other contaminants, and then runs it through a two-stage cooling device that mimics the natural dew point, where it converts air into clean, fresh drinking water.

Island Sky provides water generators that are scalable to accommodate any volume of safe water. Under optimal conditions, the Skywater 300 can produce more than 300 gal. of water per day. Machines can be bundled together to generate larger volumes of water for residential, greenhouse, humanitarian, emergency relief and much more, or installed inside a customized ISO shipping container for a fully mobile disaster relief unit with its own power source to deliver up to 1,000 gal. a day in optimal conditions.

Island Sky,