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New Hampshire Sand Operation Seeks Expansion

Graves Trucking Inc. submitted an application seeking certain permissions to open and operate a sand and gravel pit on a 31.2-acre site abutting property in Walpole, N.H. – already home to a sand and gravel pit, according to the Sentinel Source. George Graves owns the existing sand and gravel pit. His son, Timothy, owns Graves Trucking Inc., and is proposing the new pit.

The new sand and gravel pit would produce roughly 25,000 to 30,000 cu. yd. of sand and gravel per year, and have that material trucked onto the George Graves property where it would be processed, according to the zoning permit application from Graves Trucking. From there, it would leave the site by means of the existing private road. Ultimately, the new pit would replace the existing pit, which has been dwindling in its supply of aggregate in recent years, according to Graves Trucking’s application.