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Missouri Quarry Must Hold Hearing

A zoning request for a concrete crushing and recycling operation in Wheatland Township, Ill., was postponed, according to The Herald-News. Boughton Materials wants to add a concrete crushing and recycling unit to its limestone quarry at 22750 W. Hassert Blvd., but neighbors who live near the site fear a toxic dust will float over their homes. They also have concerns about water runoff from stored concrete contaminating the adjacent DuPage River and increased truck traffic mixing with teen drivers from Plainfield East High School.

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Illinois Quarry Seeks Permit

A public hearing before the Missouri Land Reclamation Commission must be held on behalf of a local high school and community group that oppose a limestone mining permit held by Heartland Materials LLC, ruled the Western District Missouri Court of Appeals. Saxony Lutheran High School and Save Our Children’s Health Inc. [SOCH] expressed opposition when Heartland was granted a permit based on an October 2010, application to mine limestone on its 161-acre quarry, which is adjacent to school grounds, according to the Southeast Missourian.

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Dredging Leases Challenged

According to the San Francisco Examiner, dredge mining of shoals near Angel and Alcatraz islands and throughout Suisun Bay is robbing the bay of sand that keeps San Francisco's Ocean Beach from eroding.

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Vulcan Quarry Opposed

More than 50 people showed up to a Gurley, Ala., town hall meeting to voice their opposition to a quarry opening on Hurricane Creek, close to the town, according to WAAY-TV. Vulcan Materials wants to open a quarry on the west side of Gurley Mountain and some in the community are opposed.

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Permit Decision Expected

According to the Times-Leader, following what was the eighth in a series of public hearings on the proposed expansion of the Pennsy Supply Corp. quarry on Small Mountain Road, the Torrance Township, Pa., supervisors said they will announce a decision on the company’s application for a conditional use permit on Jan. 3.

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