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New Excavators Offer Fuel Efficiency

Energy savings are of concern everywhere, and manufacturers of hydraulic excavators are taking notice and optimizing their machines' operation for fuel

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From Coal Mines To Green Fields

Southeastern Kansas was once the epicenter of the U.S. coal mining industry. Mining in Kansas began in the 1850s, with shallow mines dug near Fort Leavenworth.

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Think Green: The Evolution

Get ready to ride the green wave. A green wave is sweeping the business world. The combination of real, pressing environmental problems and powerful stakeholders

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Award Winners

Everywhere people are being indoctrinated to Think Green. Clever marketing agencies are concocting schemes to convince the public that their products

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Curbing Ghg Emissions

Every day, each of us hears or reads about climate change. Unlike any other environmental issue before its time, climate change truly is a social equalizer.

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