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Pass the UPDATE Act

In just a few short months, the Highway Trust Fund will go broke. No one likes to hear the words “raise taxes,” but in some cases, tax increases are not only warranted but essential to our industry and the national economy.

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Time to Buy

Welcome to Rock Products’ North American Buyers’ Guide and Directory issue. There are signs that 2014 will certainly be a year for buying.

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Government Shutdown Frustrating, Bad

Well, the rest of the country is learning what the aggregates and construction industries already know only too well. When Congress drags its feet, or fails altogether to get something done, it is frustrating, maddening, and ultimately bad for the economy.

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Looking into the Crystal Ball

As 2013 winds down, experts are starting to get a better idea of how 2014 is going to look. McGraw Hill Construction, part of McGraw Hill Financial, just released its 2014 Dodge Construction Outlook, a mainstay in construction industry forecasting and business planning. The report predicts that total U.S. construction starts for 2014 will rise 9 percent to $555.3 billion, higher than the 5 percent increase to $508 billion estimated for 2013.

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Let’s Look to the Middle Road

On August 5, the Wall Street Journal ran an article that argued against the merits of public investment in infrastructure. Government “investment” in infrastructure is often wasteful and tends to support decaying or stagnant technologies, according to the article.

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