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The 30-Percent Reduction Charade

roads200x134June 15, 2011 – NSSGA has learned that the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee may unveil its version of the long-awaited surface transportation reauthorization bill the week of the Fourth of July. While the details of the bill are unknown, insiders have told NSSGA to expect reforms to the program, including: program consolidation; expedited project delivery time; enhanced use of the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act program; increased tolling; and more public-private partnerships. The overall funding level, however, is expected to reflect the 30-percent-reduction in highway funding contained in the recently passed House budget resolution. A 30-percent reduction? Really? Is their any limit to congressional ignorance when it comes to crafting a bill that creates jobs and stimulates the economy? I am beginning to think the House of Representatives does not want to stimulate the economy ahead of the 2012 elections, which in my mind, is a financial crime against all Americans and a threat to our national safety and security. Contact your representative and demand positive and correct action on infrastructure funding now, not after the 2012 elections!