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Mummy Found at Indiana Quarry

RFTR indiana 150June 28, 2015 – Land surveyors discovered a mummy that could be 2,000 years old on the site of the planned Singleton Stone quarry in south Lake County, Ind., and archaeologists are investigating whether they stumbled onto a Native American burial ground.

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Surface Transportation Developments

RFTR HighwayBill 150June 23, 2015 – As the clock ticks down to the July 31 expiration of the current highway act extension, discussion of surface transportation reauthorization is heating up.

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Law Considered for Quarry Closing

RFTR AR 150June 15, 2015 – Massachusetts State Sen. Mike Rush, along with fellow state Rep. Ed Coppinger and other colleagues, is working on creating a unified set of rules and regulations regarding the shutting down of a quarry regardless of where it is in Massachusetts.

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NIOSH Study a Concern

RFTR Niosh 150June 4, 2015 – A new health study proposed by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) concerns NSSGA because its methodology and possible misapplication of the results has raised questions among NSSGA members and within the broader mining community.

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