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Baby it's Coal Outside

mclanahanMay 3, 2012 – Blogging live this week from the Coal Prep show in Lexington, Ky. A few years ago this was called Coal and Agg Prep, but the aggregates portion didn't catch on.

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Construction Growth Projected

pca-longApril 30, 2012 – Good news just in from the Portland Cement Association (PCA). Stronger than expected job creation and the beginning of a construction industry recovery means that gains in real construction spending will materialize this year—after seven years of consecutive declines. Increases in cement consumption will follow. PCA revised its fall forecast upward, anticipating a modest 3.7 percent increase in 2012, followed by a 7.6 percent jump in 2013 and a 14.1 percent increase in 2014. 

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Fatality #5

ftl2012m05April 20, 2012 – A 49-year-old excavator operator with approximately 8½ years of experience was injured at a sand and gravel operation. The victim was removing bolts from a counterweight on the back of an excavator when the counterweight fell and struck him. He was hospitalized and died on April 12, 2012, as a result of his injuries. This is the 5th fatality reported in calendar year 2012 in the metal and nonmetal mining industries.

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Getting their House in Order

highwayconst200x135April 19, 2012 The House approved a transportation bill by a 293 to 127 vote that extends the government's authority to spend money from the federal Highway Trust Fund through Sept. 30, and ties the controversial Keystone XL pipeline to infrastructure spending.

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Cement Rises in January

usgsApril 12, 2012 – Total shipments of portland and blended cement in the United States and Puerto Rico for January 2012 were 4.6 million metric tons (Mt), according to Robert Callaghan at USGS.

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