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Vulcan's Little Secret

vulcan200x94June 24, 2011 – Investor web site The Motley Fool is taking a close look at Vulcan Materials, and they noticed something interesting. At first glance, the company looks to be struggling. Trailing-12-month revenue decreased 1.2 percent, and inventory increased 7 percent. In sequential quarterly reports, revenue dropped 16.9 percent, and inventory grew 2.9 percent. But there's something lurking beneath the surface.

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PA stands for Plenty of Aggregates

pennsylvania200x200June 21 , 2011 – Blogging live this week from the Pittsburgh area, where we are beginning our summer tour of quarries and manufacturing facilities. According to the recent USGS First Quarter 2011 Report, Pennsylvania saw a small uptick in aggregates production, with 13,200 million Mt of stone being produced, a 1.5 percent increase quarter over quarter.

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USGS Releases First-Quarter Numbers

usgsJune 15, 2011 – USGS just released First Quarter 2011 production numbers, and the good news is, there was not a major year-over-year loss. The bad news is, there was not a year-over-year gain either. According to Jason Willett, crushed stone commodity specialist, 332 million mt of aggregate was produced in the first quarter, almost identical to a year ago. Crushed stone production decreased 3 percent quarter over quarter, from 131 million mt to 127 million mt, however construction sand and gravel gained 1.9 percent, quarter over quarter, from 201 million mt to 205 million mt. Look for a full report in an upcoming issue of Rock Products.

The 30-Percent Reduction Charade

roads200x134June 15, 2011 – NSSGA has learned that the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee may unveil its version of the long-awaited surface transportation reauthorization bill the week of the Fourth of July. While the details of the bill are unknown, insiders have told NSSGA to expect reforms to the program, including: program consolidation; expedited project delivery time; enhanced use of the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act program; increased tolling; and more public-private partnerships.

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The Minerals Baby is Back!

Baby_2011June 13, 2011 – The Mineral Information Institute released its latest "Minerals Baby," noting that 38,052 pounds of new minerals must be provided for every person in the United States to make the things we use every day. That number includes 8,509 lb. of stone used to make roads, buildings, bridges, landscaping, and for numerous chemical and construction uses; 5,599 lb. of sand and gravel used to make concrete, asphalt, roads, blocks and bricks; and 496 lb. of cement used to make roads, sidewalks, bridges, buildings, schools and houses. Over the course of a lifetime the average American will need 1.09 million lb. of aggregates.