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Fatality #16

MSHA2December 27, 2011 – On Dec. 15, 2011, a 22-year-old laborer with three months of experience was killed at a surface stone operation. The victim, who was last seen on a control tower, fell into an operating jaw crusher. This is the 16th fatality reported in calendar year 2011 in the metal and nonmetal mining industries. As of this date in 2010, there were 30 fatalities reported in these industries. This is the fourth Powered Haulage fatality in 2011.

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Sue Me, Sue You Blues

vulcanDecember 22, 2011 - George Harrison once wrote a song titled the "Sue Me, Sue You Blues." Martin Marietta Materials and Vulcan Materials just may be singing that tune for awhile. Vulcan asked a federal court to block the Martin Marietta's blockbuster takeover bid, accusing the company of using confidential information “in the preparation of its hostile attack.” Vulcan, which filed its lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Birmingham, Ala., on Dec. 19, alleges Martin Marietta has inside information from earlier merger negotiations between the two companies and is “exploiting this informational advantage to buy Vulcan at an unfair price” in violation of a confidentiality agreement.martin-marietta

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Fatality #15

MSHAredDecember 19, 2011 – On December 8, a 41-year-old crusher operator with eight years of experience was killed at a surface stone operation. A set of wheels was to be placed on a conveyor to transport it from the mine. A front-end loader was being used to lift the conveyor when the loader bucket suddenly dropped, allowing the frame of the conveyor to strike one of the tire assemblies.

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Third Quarter Production Holds Steady

usgsDecember 15, 2011 – Third-quarter production numbers are in, and according to USGS Crushed Stone Commodity Specialist Jason Willett, an estimated 619 Mt of total aggregates was produced and shipped for consumption in the United States in the third quarter of 2011, a very slight increase compared with that of the same period of 2010.

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Wild Webinar Week


nssgaDecember 13, 2011 – It has been a wild week for industry webinars, as both ARTBA and NSSGA sponsored information sessions focusing on economic and regulatory updates. I personally sat in on both webinars. ARTBA’s Alison Premo Black was very concise and specific as she assessed the failure of Congress to hammer out a viable infrastructure bill. Despite that, she noted where some industry bright spots have occurred this year, such as bridge construction, and in 18 states that have actually spent more on infrastructure in 2011 than in 2010.

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