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Cat is Up, But Down

CaterpillarJuly 29, 2014 – Caterpillar's second-quarter net income rose 4.1 percent, as the company earned $999 million, versus $960 million in last year's second quarter. However revenue for the Peoria, Ill.-based company dropped 3.2 percent to $14.15 billion from $14.62 billion.

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Trust Fund Patch Coming

HighwayBillJuly 25, 2014 – The Senate is poised to vote on legislation to ensure federal highway funds continue to flow to the states before Congress adjourns for the five-week August recess. 

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Patching the Pothole

HighwayBillJuly 16, 2014 – This is akin to patching potholes rather than replacing a section of highway. The U.S. House of Representatives voted 365 to 55 on July 15 to transfer from the General Fund $10.8 billion into the Highway Trust Fund, extending current highway and transit policy and funding through May 31, 2015. 

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Joe Vig Retires

joe vigJuly 12, 2014 – Say it ain't so, Joe! After more than two decades in the industry, Astec Group President Joe Vig has retired, leaving a permanent mark on the companies he led and the employees he inspired.

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Fixing a Flat

NSSGAJuly 7, 2014 – According to NSSGA, the Senate Finance Committee is targeting this week to decide on how to temporarily fix the Highway Trust Fund. 

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