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Largest Frac Sand Plant Commissioned

Louisville Dryer Co. (LDC) has been commissioned to design the world's largest frac sand drying and frac sand processing facility. An international company will be installing it in a location in North America and has requested a design configuration to potentially double the size of production.

For the initial phase of the project, the massive 10-ft. 6-in. diameter Louisville Dryer will be able to heat and dry material and operate over a wide range of moisture contents. The design calls for 2 to 7 percent moisture heating the product and reducing the residual moisture to less than 0.2 percent.

A high efficiency direct heat burner with a nominal 17-2 turndown ratio and Pulsejet baghouse system is included as an integral part of the system. The baghouse system is designed to efficiently filter over 57,000 acfm of air. It is equipped with an induced fan with a variable speed frequency controller for minimizing the amount of energy consumption required to heat/dry and evacuate the steam and products of combustion.

The rotary dryer technology was selected over fluid bed technology because of an astonishing reduction in the amount of process air (hot gas) utilized to energize the system. The result was a 65 percent reduction in the size of the dust collection system and a reduced electrical service of over 227 hp, saving the customer over $110,000 per year in electricity cost alone.

There has been a significant shortage of frac sand and proppants used for the hydraulic fracking used in oil recovery throughout North America. This plan will help alleviate some of the shortage of the frac sand material and is expected to have operational output of 300 tpd and 2,500,000 tpy. After the frac sand drying and processing system has achieved its full operational output, the overall site design calls for an exact duplicate facility to again double the production and output. The comprehensive components that are custom designed by LDC include the feed/charging and metering system, the dryer, burner and combustion heating/drying phase and the air pollution control filtering device and recirculation.

LDC has over 100 years of experience at designing all types of heating, drying and processing equipment for all types of industries. LDC has experimented and done testing on thousands of different types of chemicals, minerals and waste products.