Ventilex Fluid Bed Driers Engineered for Uptime

The technologically advanced fluid bed sand dryer from Ventilex USA Inc. is a boon to the hydraulic fracturing industry, according to the company. Frac sand producers now have enhanced capabilities to meet the high demands for proppant.

Though the number of frac sand suppliers has increased significantly in the past decade, global supplies are still inadequate. Lack of proper material processing and handling equipment as well as transportation challenges are some of the main reasons for the high cost and insufficient supplies.

According to JPT Online (the online version of The Journal of Petroleum Technology, the official publication of The Society of Petroleum Engineers), North American fracturing activity is at an all-time high, with competition between fracturing companies fierce, margins slim and volumes huge.

With an estimated 4 million hhp of equipment being built in the U.S., there are waiting lists for services and supplies, and delays of up to 9 months are common.

Fluid bed driers from Ventilex offer increased productivity of up to 200 tph for frac sand drying while providing long term durability and energy savings to reduce operational expenses.

The fluid bed driers feature:

  • Increased efficiency and output.
  • Reduced energy costs up to 30 percent.
  • Lower dust and carbon emissions.
  • Higher returns from enhanced durability and lower maintenance.