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BMC Opens Research and Development Center

A previously unoccupied building in Taylor, Wis., is now home to Badger Mining Corp.'s (BMC) new state-of-the-art Research and Development Center. Renovations to the 5,280-sq.-ft. building, which at one time housed an athletic apparel business and more recently was used for larger meetings and gatherings, began in September 2015 and were completed in early 2016. Final additions to the lab area continued until completion this summer.

Before moving to this building, research and development for Badger Mining took place in multiple locations throughout the state. “The new site allows for our group to be in a central location, as opposed to being spread out between multiple locations, which aids in calibration and our ability to work together as a cohesive team,” said Erica Grant, research and development leader at BMC. “It also gives us the space to adapt to changes in the industry, bring in new equipment, and perform tests that we have not conducted or were not able to perform in the past. There is currently 1,450 sq. ft. of lab space, with approximately 25 percent of the space open for new testing equipment for new products.”

Advanced testing equipment surrounds associates of BMC’s research and development team at this new location. Devices in the lab are able to conduct many types of tests, including the ability to measure the capacity of a proppant sample to allow fluid to pass through it (conductivity testing), calculate viscosity of fluids in different conditions, sort chemical species in a sample of mass, run crush tests with a steady ramp, create small batches of new products for performance testing, and perform multiple unconfined compressive strength tests at one time.

Investing in a new research and development center showcases Badger Mining’s commitment to the future. “With expanded R&D capabilities, we will be able to keep our current products on top, while coming up with new ways to solve our customers’ problems,” said Grant. “R&D will help move the company into the future through innovation and diversification into new markets. Our world is changing at a rapid pace, and we have to change with it. By investing in research and development, BMC is proving that we plan to play an important role in our industry for many years to come.”