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Hi-Crush, Liberty Partner to Increase Efficiencies in Colorado

Hi-Crush Partners LP and Liberty Oilfield Services jointly announced the achievement of operational milestones for sand volumes, unit train deliveries and efficiency gains during the fourth quarter of 2015.

"Working closely with our contract customers is essential in navigating the current market environment," said Robert E. Rasmus, CEO of Hi-Crush. "This collaboration has been a key part of the Hi-Crush strategy since our inception and has become even more important in the current operating environment which remains highly competitive and extremely cost-conscious. Building and maintaining strong relationships and working with the right partners have long been core tenets of the energy industry. This collaborative approach has led to these recent achievements with Liberty in the DJ Basin. We continue to look for more ways to reliably serve our customers, lower costs and help them to achieve operational success in a safe manner."

During the fourth quarter of 2015, Liberty pumped more than 326 million lb. of Northern White sand in the DJ Basin, a record quarterly volume. This record sand volume in the DJ Basin represents an increase of nearly 40 percent over the same period of the prior year.  

Matt Owens, president of Extraction Oil & Gas, a customer of Liberty, said, "In early-November, Liberty achieved record daily volume of throughput in their completion operations on one of our wells, with a single crew pumping a total of 41 frac stages for a total of 8.2 million lb. of proppant."

Chris Wright, CEO of Liberty, said, "We are constantly striving to lower the cost of producing a barrel of oil. Increasing our throughput rate of sand pumped downhole on each hydraulic fracturing job is a major part of that effort and Hi-Crush has been a terrific partner enabling that improvement."

During the fourth quarter, Hi-Crush delivered two 96-car unit trains to Liberty totaling 42.9 million lb. of 40/70 Northern White frac sand. The unit trains were received at a third-party transload terminal located in Hudson, Colo., where Liberty focuses on completion activity in Weld County.

Ron Gusek, vice president of technology for Liberty, commented, "Strong partnerships are the key to success in any business environment, but are absolutely critical in challenging markets like those we are in today. Through collaboration, our ability to successfully load and receive unit trains resulted in significant logistics and cost efficiencies to our operation. Thanks to the support of our supplier and customer partners, Liberty has been able to drive significant achievements in the fourth quarter of 2015, including record proppant volumes for a 24-hour period on a pad, record quarterly proppant volumes for the district, and the receipt of our first two unit trains. Achieving these efficiencies are clear examples of how we help our customers accomplish their goal to make every completion as cost-effective as possible."