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Economic Analysis of Industrial Sand Operations

Economic Analysis of Industrial Sand Operations; Economic Benefits and Costs to State and Local Communities – By: Mark Krumenacher, principal and senior vice president, GZA GeoEnvvironmental, Inc.

An economic analysis of industrial sand operations in Minnesota and Wisconsin included a review of economic benefits and cost to state and local communities based on available resources and interviews. The economic benefits of industrial sand mining and processing operations are quantifiable, can be calculated and are verified, and are widely documented by state and local agencies. The majority of economic costs that affect local communities are caused by local mining opposition groups, not by the mining operations. The majority of references to costs associated with industrial sand mining and processing operations are not economic, but are intangible, not directly measurable, and unverifiable. The available literature shows that the economic benefits to industrial sand operations are real and positive and greatly outweigh any actual or perceived cost to state or local communities.

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