Wabasha Moratorium Begins

The Wabasha, Wis., City Council approved its first frac sand moratorium, which halts all new or expanding operations, according to Finance and Commerce. The council also approved a second moratorium, which halts companies with significant truck traffic from expanding to more than 500 regular trips a day or more than 30 heavy trips.

The push for the two moratoriums, which were also recommended by the city’s planning commission, come from concern that the city will become saturated with truck traffic.

There are already two frac sand hauling operations in town, one of which was approved a little more than two months ago, and both use trucks to haul frac sand to a rail loading facility on the west end of the city.

With truck traffic increasing — especially on the west side — and with no clear information on how Wabasha will adapt to or regulate it, the city wanted to put a halt to expansions until it could study traffic impacts on a city level.