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Deister Machine Co. Inc.Deister Machine Co. Inc.
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Continuing its commitment to ongoing innovation, the company will launch its new BFO-11224-EX2 Mine-Duty Screen at the show. Offering the next generation in machine size and production output, this 12- x 24-ft., horizontal, single-deck unit delivers day-to-day reliability and high-volume capacities in a variety of hard rock mining and mineral processing applications. The BFO-11224 features the new Deister EX Series of geared exciters, which are designed to create the force output required to drive today’s large screens. Geared exciters feature all-steel components; specially-coated bearing inner races to deter wear on shafts; and shafts that are case-hardened and ground for minimal wear. Mechanisms are sealed to minimize oil contaminants and maximize bearing life.

Dexter + ChaneyDexter + Chaney
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The firm’s equipment-management line includes features for preventive maintenance plus vehicle or machine tracking. The package works seamlessly with the company's cloud-based Spectrum Construction Software, requiring no software download or specific hardware devices. The latest
equipment management offering updates feature an app that can be downloaded for use on Apple and Android mobile devices, and it synchronizes automatically with Spectrum Equipment Management.

Dust Control TechnologyDust Control Technology
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Engineered specifically to deliver the power to reach the working face of large quarries and open cast mines, the new DustBoss DB-100 has a range of more than 100 m, giving it ample reach to cover material stockpiles 200 – 300 ft. high. The giant atomized misting unit stands nearly 8 ft. tall, and can cover a massive area of 280,000 sq. ft. from a single location. The DB-100 was designed with input from some of the leading mining and quarrying companies in the world, with data collected from numerous site visits, where visibility around huge working areas can be profoundly impacted by dust.

Eagle Iron WorksEagle Iron Works
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A series of changes to the company’s line of Mark V controls for its Sand Classifying Tanks have led to the development of the Mark VI line, which will be introduced at the show. The Mark VI was designed to make operations even simpler for producers and eliminate many of the problems that can arise with Sand Classifying Tanks. The list of improvements to the operating system is extensive, but some key features include: improving accuracy and simplicity of the calibration process; increase number of products; predicts product tonnages; and F.M. tracking fine-tunes product.

EmersonEmerson Industrial Automation
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Morse Raider Plus speed reducers utilize advanced finishing techniques, additional bearings and special seals to arm them for leak-free performance, guaranteed for 18 months. Ideal for conveyors, mixers and bucket elevators, the Raider Plus’ computerized gear centering optimizes the gear mesh for reduced heat and debris formation, eliminating unnecessary backlash and delivering high efficiency and long life. A patented roll-burnished journal finish extends seal life up to four-fold, and exclusive double-lip seals on both input and output shafts provide leak-proof operation. Four unit models are available from stock with a center distance range of 1.0 to 6.0 in., ratios from 4:1 to 3600:1, and output torques from 82 to 22,416 ft.-lb.

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The Eriez HVF Mechanical Feeder is a spring -oupled, two-mass vibrating system with a motor-driven eccentric shaft. The hand-wheel adjustable variable-speed sheaves help to achieve an accurate control of flow rate for the feeders, which can be up to 60 ft./minute. HVF Feeders can also control up to 2,000 tons of material per hour. The feeders’ adjustable-angle rubber springs can be removed and replaced in less than two minutes and are also designed to amplify the trough stroke, resulting in low horsepower requirements. The motion of the troughs can be adjusted to accommodate the flow rate for specific applications and a variety of trough sizes and types are available.