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Schenck Process North America Inc.

mastheadJuly 25, 2012 – Mac Process, a supplier of design/build pneumatic conveying and air filtration systems, and Schenck AccuRate, a leader in the manufacture and supply of best-in-class dry material feeders and weighing technologies, announced they will officially join forces as one provider in the marketplace. Both companies are part of the global Schenck Process Group and will be bringing together their synergies going forward on the North American market under the name Schenck Process North America Inc.   In working together, the strengths of both companies will be brought together under one roof, enabling us to strengthen our market position and generating a high level of additional benefit for our customers. This includes integrated sales teams focused on Light (chemical, food, pharmaceutical and plastics industries) and Heavy (building materials, cement, steel, N-F metal industries) industry segments; manufacturing capability and Lean processes. Customers will benefit from innovative products and services from a one-stop shop, regardless of whether it’s pneumatic conveying, weighing, feeding or air filtration, according to the company. Effective immediately, Jay Brown will direct the combined business as president and CEO and Dirk Maroske will assume the new role of chief operating officer (COO). Schenck Process North America Inc. is due to be launched officially on January 1, 2013.