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Today's Rant: What Does 'Infrastructure' Mean?

RR090220 highwaySept. 2, 2020 – When we talk about infrastructure, we mean roads and highways, bridges and tunnels, airports and docks, sewer and water systems. What we are not talking about is electrical wires, cable, wireless networks, the internet and future 5G capabilities. How did all that get bundled into the word "infrastructure?" When did that happen? Can't they use their own moniker? What happened to "The Information Superhighway?" What about the "Communications Grid?" Our politicians, media, corporations and the average person on the street can no longer separate the two. And that's bad, because when we start throwing around dollar figures for upgrades and improvement, I do not want to share dollars with them. I want infrastructure to have its own dollars and whatever they want to call themselves to have their dollars. Let's correct the misconception and reclaim our word. That's my rant for today.