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Did Quarry Blast Cause an Earthquake?

RR122019 WiartonQuakeDec. 20, 2019 – Did it or didn't it? A small tremor on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada, appears to be the result of a quarry blast, according to Blackburn News. On Dec. 13, a 2.1 magnitude tremor with an epicentre 14 km north of Wiarton, Ontario, registered on the national seismic network, the article stated. Research Scientist Stephen Crane with Natural Resources Canada said a caller alerted him to the incident, which he determined originated at a quarry off of Bruce County Road 9, southwest of the community of Hope Bay. “We do get a lot of quarry blasts that we pick up with our national seismic network. It is a very sensitive network, so we can pick up things like mining events and quarry blasts,” he said. “It is unusual for that area for us to pick one up.” If a quarry blast caused an earthquake, it must have been one hell of a blast.