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What Forest? Trees Are in the Way

RR101019 RoadOct. 10, 2019 – I am trying to wrap my brain around infrastructure-advocacy group Transportation for America's announcement that it will no longer advocate for more money for transportation. According to the group, "We spend nearly $40 billion in federal tax dollars every year, which fails to bring us equivalent returns. The more we spend, the more that congestion, emissions and pedestrian fatalities seem to rise." Transportation for America now advocates three principles for any comprehensive federal investment in transportation: 1) Prioritize maintenance. 2) Design for safety over speed. 3) Connect people to jobs and services. Okay those are noble goals, but it seems to be we are not getting equivalent returns because our infrastructure is crumbling faster than we can fix it with the money allotted. A nice solution is greater infrastructure investment and then maybe their three core principals in the mix. To not advocate for greater investment is to not see the forest for the trees.