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Rogers Group Plants Pollinator Garden

RR062719 pollinatorJune 27, 2019 – Rogers Group Inc. (RGI) Sales Representative Angie Thurman went to a Tennessee Concrete Association mid-year meeting and walked out with a big idea. After hearing an environmental presentation about biodiversity at ready mixed and concrete facilities, she learned that only two aggregate companies in the entire United States partnered with the Wildlife Habitat Council and built pollinator gardens. Pollinator gardens are designed with specific nectar- and pollen-producing plants that attract pollinating insects like bees and butterflies. She knew it would be a great opportunity for RGI, not only as an environmental project, but also to demonstrate RGI’s commitment to the environment and the community. “I think [this project] is a great way to get the community involved,” Thurman said. “The day we planted the beds, students and teachers from East Robertson High School (ERHS) and the biologists all were very involved. Community perception of quarries are often misconstrued, and this is a great way to show them we care, and that RGI places a very high value on the environment and our community. Getting schools involved reached far beyond the students to teachers and parents as well. Everyone who helped was very engaged in the project and very thankful for the opportunity. They plan to help again when we expand the bed next spring.” Read more about it here.