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Infrastructure Week, Day Three

RR051519 Donohue TomMarch 15, 2019 – Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tom Donahue has stated his concerns about the state of our infrastructure. "The need for Congress and the administration to come together on a bipartisan plan to revitalize the physical platform of our economy is more urgent today than ever before," he said. "That’s because our nation’s infrastructure, although once the envy of the world, is now severely outdated. Our highways were developed in the 1960s, and our power lines are fast approaching the end of their life spans. Meanwhile, our inland waterways are managed with 100-year-old locks and dams. We’re essentially running a 21st century economy on a 20th century operating system – and Americans everywhere are paying the price. No doubt the cost of repairing our infrastructure will be great – but far greater is the cost of inaction. That’s why we call on President Trump and members of Congress to work together to restore our nation’s infrastructure to help power the next century of economic growth."

Read his entire statement here.