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The Rubber IS the Road

old-tires-575-1May 6, 2013 – The old advertising phrase "where the rubber meets the road" could be modified to "where the rubber IS the road." Recycled car tires could soon be used to surface roads in the UK after a trial found they made roads quieter. One of the busiest roads in Scotland was resurfaced in 2012 with asphalt containing shredded rubber from old tires.  Tests were performed on grip and skid resistance, with engineers reporting that the rubber road, on a stretch of dual carriageway between Perth and Dundee, resulted in a quieter drive. The surface is also more environmentally friendly. Experts claim the road requires less maintenance and still allows for drainage, while tyre recyclers claim the technique will also save money because the new material is thinner than standard roads. Rubber roads were first built in the 1960s in the U.S., where today there are 20,000 miles of road made of recycled tires, according to reports.