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ATA President Chides MAP-21 Amendment

HighwayBillJuly 9, 2012 – At least one industry executive thinks part of the new transportation bill is a step backwards.  "Just one day after the House and Senate came together on a common sense compromise transportation bill that moves the cause of highway safety forward, adoption of this amendment is a step back," said American Trucking Association (ATA) President and CEO Bill Graves . His controversial statement, however, is not directed at the spirit of the bill itself, but at a requirement concerning electronic on-board recorders to track driver hours of service.  The amendment would prohibit the use of funds to be used to promulgate or implement any regulations that would mandate global positioning system (GPS) tracking, electronic on-board recording devices, or event data recorders in passenger or commercial motor vehicles. "Though opponents of honest, fair and efficient enforcement of important safety rules have used this back door to thwart the will of Congress, we fully expect that the language of the conference report – agreed to by House and Senate leaders of both parties – will be the final word on the use of electronic logs and that DOT will quickly move to require this important safety technology on all trucks," Greaves said.