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Nine Innings is Enough

NineInningsMarch 30, 2011 – I know baseball season is about to begin, but nine innings is enough. Congress has now passed the ninth extension of the Federal Surface Transportation Program. Transportation Construction Coalition Co-Chairs T. Peter Ruane, president and CEO, American Road & Transportation Builders Association and Stephen Sandherr, CEO, Associated General Contractors of America, said it all with their statement: “We commend the House of Representatives and Senate for passing legislation to ensure the continued operation of the federal highway and public transportation programs as the 2012 construction season begins cranking up.  This action notwithstanding, extension after extension of these programs is no substitute for a multi-year reauthorization that could begin to address the nation’s staggering infrastructure challenges. The current surface transportation law, SAFETEA-LU, expired more than 910 days ago. We respect the legislative process and the right of both the House and Senate to pass their own bill. With an overwhelming bipartisan majority, the Senate has passed its multi-year bill. It is now the responsibility of the House of Representatives to either advance its own alternative or utilize another mechanism to allow the two chambers to reconcile their differences." In my humble opinion, they were too nice. I was thinking more along the lines of, "Get your act together and your butts in gear!"