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The Cure for Congestion

tti-headerNovember 29, 2011 – The Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), a Texas A&M University System agency, released its 2011 Congested Corridors Report, an effort to identify reliability problems at specific stretches of highway responsible for significant traffic congestion at different times and different days. The report describes congestion problems in 328 seriously congested corridors over a variety of times — all day, morning and evening peaks, midday, and weekends. Much of our national congestion problem exists in a relatively small amount of our freeway system, the report concludes. The 328 corridors, while accounting for only 6 percent of the nation’s total freeway lane-miles and 10 percent of the traffic, account for 36 percent of the country’s urban freeway congestion; The 328 corridors account for 8 percent of the national truck traffic and 33 percent of urban freeway truck delay. The cure for congestion is simple: infrastructure investment.