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Man Found Dead in Crusher

SafetyAlertNovember 11, 2011 – It’s a story that no one who works around crushers for a living wants to hear. An 82-year-old man died of injuries he suffered when he was apparently trapped inside a crusher at Anderson Quarry, Dewitt, Iowa. According to local news reports, Bruce Arvin Anderson was last seen by a co-worker standing near the area where rock enters the crusher. The co-worker left the area, and a short time later, returned and could not find Anderson. Another worker found him inside the machine. Also this week, local news sources indicate a worker at Vulcan Materials’ Kennesaw, Ga., plant was electrocuted and critically injured. MSHA reports that the mining industry recently experienced four deaths within four days. In an effort to remind operators,miners, and contractors to stay focused on preventing fatalities and injuries, it is distributing best-practice and preventative-measure information in the form of a Safety Alert and a 2011 Third-Quarter Fatality Update. Back in September, MSHA sent out a safety memo warning producers that October is always a dangerous month, but the beginning of November has not started well.