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Safety in Action

HolcimLogoSeptember 26, 2011 – Some companies give lip service to safety, others create a safety culture through action. For the third consecutive year, Holcim (Canada) Inc. is dedicating a day to occupational health and safety. All of its 3,000 employees will take part in various activities to help them be more aware of the dangers that surround them in the workplace and work in a safer manner. This initiative complements the safety related activities implemented throughout the year.  "Building a strong safety culture through our ongoing OH&S programs requires time, but since we introduced our Safety Day initiative, we have made tremendous progress," said Paul Ostrander, president and chief executive officer, Holcim Canada. "When we launched the program, we decided to address the most pressing issue, namely reducing the number of injuries occurring in the last quarter of the year. The following year, we focused on the frequent but less severe types of incidents. And this year, we are addressing incidents that almost cause injuries or equipment damage, also known as 'near misses'." Kudos to him, and to them.