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Mineral Information Institute Adds to Teaching Tools

LearningAugust 16, 2011 – You can never have enough sources for good educational programs. The Mineral Information Institute, an affiliate of the SME Foundation, now offers Mining 101. This dynamic program is now posted online and available for educators as a free download. The comprehensive PowerPoint slide show can be found at, along with the accompanying Teachers’ Guide. Designed for K-12 educators, the program addresses topics from exploration and mapping to EIS requirements, sustainability, metallurgy, careers and reclamation and includes products that come from mining. Input from teacher focus groups and SME committees helped provide direction and content for this introduction to the mining and minerals industry. The Teachers’ Guide helps the educator present the program effectively and according to National Education Standards and Benchmarks. One reviewer called it “a shot in the arm for the mining industry and goes a long way to help educate people on the benefits of mining and the responsibilities we accept in order to mine.”