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We Like Ike

Dwight_EisenhowerJune 30, 2011 – ARTBA sent out a terrific promo marking the 55th anniversary of the signing of the bill that created the Interstate Highway System. Verbiage follows: "Did you know that when Dwight D. Eisenhower crossed the country as an Army officer in 1919 it took him more than 60 days to make it from Washington to San Francisco? Because most of the roads were muddy, and bridges were barely able just to carry cars, many of the 80 or so trucks in his convoy were damaged or completely lost.  His experience led him to believe that in order to be a great country, America needed a much more integrated and functional transportation network. Fifty-five years ago today, President Eisenhower signed the bill that authorized the construction of the Interstate Highway System and created the Highway Trust Fund to pay for it. The Interstates forever transformed the fabric of American life and made us the envy of the world. Where we will be 55 years from now? Today, businesses and motorists are traveling on crumbling roads and bridges. Many economic experts believe that if we do not invest in infrastructure, the U.S. will fall behind its international competitors. Washington needs to realize what Eisenhower knew: investment in transportation infrastructure is key to our nation’s strength. Congress needs to pass the 21-month overdue highway and transit authorization bill and put America back on the road to prosperity!"