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A Quarry with a Solar System

MarkWestApril 21, 2011 – California is a leader in the national effort to utilize more environmentally friendly forms of energy. So its no surprise that Santa Rosa, Calif.-based  BoDean Co.’s Mark West Quarry will make history on May 11 when they “flip the switch” and become the first quarry in the world to be 100 percent reliant on solar power. BoDean Co. owners, Belinda and Dean Soiland have made the BoDean Co. an industry leader in sustainability and eco-friendly mining operations. In addition to the use of solar, the company is also dedicated to the extensive use of recycled materials in its production process, as well as actively pursuing a managed reclamation plan that coincides with quarry operations. The Mark West Quarry photovoltaic system will be capable of generating 1,165,000 kilowatt hours of green energy per year.  The electricity produced by the solar panels will offset the release of 18,440,521 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, which is enough energy to power 160 typical American homes for a full year. Look for stories on this innovative operation in the May and June issue of Rock Products.