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The Price is Nice

usgsApril 19, 2011 – USGS just released the updated Crushed Stone chapter for its ongoing Minerals Yearbook project. The new information, based on 2009 data, notes some interesting things with regard to aggregatesprices. More than 800 operations responded to the survey question concerning the dollar value of their production for the current and previous year. The average unit value for operations reporting production and value was $9.92 per metric ton in 2009. This was an increase of 3 percent compared with the average unit value of $9.66 per ton in 2008 – in line with what was in the annual reports of the top U.S. stone-producing companies. Prices in the chapter are the annual average free on-board plant prices, usually at the first point of sale or captive use, as reported by the crushed stone producing companies. This value does not include transportation from the plant or yard to the consumer. It does, however, include all costs of mining, processing, in-plant transportation, overhead costs and profit.