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The Main Man Speaks Up

Joseph-MainApril 1, 2011 – With the anniversary of the Big Branch mining disaster fast approaching, MSHA chief Joseph Main told senators during a congressional hearing that Congress should approve new, tighter regulatory powers for the agency. “Legislation is still needed to fully protect our nation’s miners,” Main told the committee. “This committee has never subscribed to the myth that mining fatalities are an inevitable aspect of the business. I am asking you to again stand up for miners and pass new and needed mine safety legislation.” Specifically, Main said his agency needs improvements to the “Pattern of Violations” program for problematic mines; authority for the Labor Department to act more quickly to shut down dangerous mines through injunctions; updated and strengthened criminal penalties under the federal mine act; and stronger protection for whistleblowers. My guess is, despite Main's best intentions, his request will fall on deaf ears. MSHA's detractors note that it is not sufficiently using the regulatory powers it has, and wasting its resources at mines where the "safety violations" consist of writing citations for "unflushed toilets and trash can lids that are ajar."