Diesel Fuel Update

PumpsMarch 4, 2011 – With unrest in Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East, gasoline and diesel fuel prices are heading North at an alarming rate. You will see Rock Products increase its reporting on diesel fuel prices during this crisis, as diesel plays a critical role on the expense side of the ledger for aggregates producers. The average price of on-highway diesel fuel in the United States is now $3.716 per gallon, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. That is up approximately 14 cents from a week ago, and 84 cents from last year. The national high is on the West Coast, with diesel at $3.964 per gallon; and the low is in the Gulf Coast states, with diesel at $3.656 per gallon. The national estimate for off-highway diesel fuel is $3.19 per gallon. It doesn't look like it is headed down soon, either.