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Live from Condex: It's the Economy, Stupid

alan.beaulieu_236January 28, 2011 – Blogging live again today from Condex, and the AED Convention  in sunny Orlando. Watched an extraordinary presentation by economist Alan Beaulieu, a principal of the Institute for Trend Research where he serves as president. Beaulieu charted the recession and pinpointed specific data indicated a solid recovery is afoot. He is calling for modest growth in 2011, a great 2012 and and expanding economy through 2014, so much-improved conditions await us up the road. He did make it clear that if you need to invest in capital equipment, now is the time to buy, when interest rates are low and the economy hasn't taken off yet. He predicts interest rates will definitely go up with the expanding economy. Interestingly enough, much of what he sees in the general economy, and applies to construction markets, mirrors what PCA Economist Edward Sullivan spoke about at World of Concrete. Speaking with manufacturers, distributors and service providers here at the show has provided keen insight into market conditions at ground zero. There is cautious optimism, and that is a far cry from the bleak conditions lamented by so many over the past two years.