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Drones and Aggregates Operations

RR090718 InterDrone iiSept. 6, 2018 – At this year's InterDrone show in Las Vegas, aggregates operations are in the spotlight. Industry experts on a panel discussed how data from drones is being used; how aggregates plants can optimize this data; and how plants are doing it. Rather than just capturing data, they’re seeing the data being used for accounting purposes to help drive profitability. Using drones for site planning is lagging way behind inventory management, the experts maintained. According to Jesse Stepler, from Measure – the Drone as a Service Company, how drones will interface with other robotics at plants is a question for the future. How far away are we from being able to use drones for monitoring performance of fixed assets at plants like crushers, screens, conveyors, etc.? Very realistic potential, according to Shaun Macintosh, solutions engineer at Propeller Aero.

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Superior Industries Holds Dealer Open House

RR082818 SuperiorAug. 28, 2018  – Superior Industries is holding its first dealer open house, called Ignite18, at its corporate headquarters in Morris, Minn. The aggregates equipment manufacturer has invited the trade press, and I am proud to take part. The event includes a keynote address by company President Jarrod Felton, special sessions on washing, screening and conveying, an equipment expo and a tour of the Hancock Concrete gravel pit in Glenwood, Minn.,to see Superior equipment in action. Congratulations to Mary Erholtz, John Garrison, Corey Poppe and the rest of the Superior team for a Superior event.

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Domino's Pizza is Fixing our Roads?

DominoesAugust 15, 2018 – We can't get the federal government to fix our infrastructure, so Domino's Pizza is doing it. Say what?

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What About Us?

RR080318 highwayAug. 4, 2018 – Then there is this news item. Australia will work with Japan and the United States to invest in infrastructure development and other projects in the Indo-Pacific region. The three countries formed a partnership for that purpose, judging that “more support is needed to enhance peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region,” the Australian government said in a statement, apparently bearing in mind China’s growing influence there through its Belt and Road initiative. This partnership is designed to promote infrastructure investment mainly in energy, transportation, tourism and technology. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the United States will invest $113 million in the fields of cybersecurity, energy and infrastructure in the Indo-Pacific region. Uh, I'm sorry but, what about OUR infrastructure?

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Shuster Poised to Release Infrastructure Bill Framework

RR072318 HighwayBillJuly 23, 2018 – There are once again rumblings regarding an infrastructure bill. House Transportation Chairman Bill Shuster told Politico that he will soon release a framework proposal. Shuster said his discussion draft would "cover all the bases in infrastructure" and "deal with all the policy pieces," including pay-fors. With his retirement looming, Shuster has the added benefit of being able to go as bold as he wishes without having to placate interest groups that may not like some of the calls he makes. How will the existing highway and transit formulas fare in the proposal? Will he incorporate the 15-cent gas tax increase he embraced in February, and what other offsets might he endorse? Are there any elements of the White House infrastructure plan he'll borrow? Stay tuned.

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